How do I remove black bars on a widescreen notebook?

Answer Vista/Windows 7Right-click any spot on the desktop where there is not an icon. Select "Screen Resolution" and from the screen that opens, move the slider up to change the screen resolution. Stop th... Read More »

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How do I remove the black bars on a widescreen?

Manipulating the Image to Remove the Black BarsStretch or zoom your image to eliminate the black bars that appear at the top and bottom or sides of your television. However, this may distort the im... Read More »

Do black bars appear on the top and bottom of the TV screen if you do have a widescreen tv?

Typically, not if it's set up correctly. But do be aware that the aspect ratio that you might see on DVD movies may still put some of that letterboxing up even on a high-def TV, since the dimension... Read More »

How do I remove black bars from an iPod movie?

Wide ScreenThe black bars you see above and below the movie playing on your iPod are due to the format of the video. Typically, they mean the video has a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to t... Read More »

How to Remove Black Bars From an iPod Movie?

The black bars that appear when you watch a movie are used to format the movie you are watching into the letterbox version. The letterbox version is the closest version to what you would see on the... Read More »