How do I remove a vinyl floor?

Answer Cut the vinyl floor into 9-inch-wide strips with a sharp utility knife, the length of the room. Wedge a flat putty knife under the vinyl until it lifts off the floor, creating a handhold. Pull the ... Read More »

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How to Remove Stains From a Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl flooring is sealed with a clear acrylic, vinyl or urethane sealer that causes the flooring surface to stay durable and simple to maintain. Mopping usually cleans and removes most stains from ... Read More »

Do I have to remove the toilet to lay vinyl floor?

The flooring manufacturer Armstrong recommends removing the toilet when laying vinyl flooring. This will allow you to do a complete job as well as check for any leaks that may mess up the new floor... Read More »

How do I remove mold from a vinyl floor?

Wash the vinyl floor with household cleaning solutions to remove all dirt and grime. A thorough cleaning will help you see the places where mold remains. Something with coarse particles, such as Co... Read More »

How do you remove a scratch from a vinyl floor?

If it is a deep scratch you cannot usually remove it. Sometimes if a scratch is somewhat on the surface then a floor stripper might remove its appearance.