How do I remove a tick from a puppy?

Answer Clutch the tick with tweezers as close to the puppy's skin as possible to ensure the tick is fully secure and pull with steady, gentle pressure to remove.Use the tweezers to remove as much as possi... Read More »

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How to Remove a Tick From My Dog?

Ticks can spread diseases to your dog. Removing the tick can increase the risks; therefore, it is important you remove the tick correctly. According to Vetinfo, transmission of Lyme disease takes a... Read More »

How do I remove a tick from a pet?

Wear rubber gloves so you do not have direct contact with the tick. Have someone hold the your pet still, and comfort him while you remove the tick. Put some rubbing alcohol in an empty jar or cup.... Read More »

How do I remove a tick from a dog's ear?

PositioningHold the dog's ear containing the tick with one hand. Using a pair of tweezers, carefully grab the entire body of the tick close to the surface of the dog's skin.RemovalPull the body of ... Read More »

How do i remove a tick from a dog's face?

Use TweezersGrasp the tick with tweezers at the dog's skin, as close to the tick's head as you can, and pull it out. Don't touch the tick yourself, because it transmits diseases.Check the Area Agai... Read More »