How do I remove a tab and add another on my Mac OS XLeopard?

Answer I don't know what browser you are using - probably either Safari or Firefox. Okay - if you want to add a link up there (it's called the bookmark bar) then when you are on the page you want a link t... Read More »

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How do I remove my number from another iPhone?

Are you sure it doesn't just mean she can receive messages FROM your number? I've never heard of intercepting other people's messages. That would be illegal invasion of privacy.

Does the Illinois Condo Act prohibit board members to remove another from their position at any specific time?

The Illinois Condominium Act serves as a template for your governing documents, which is where you'll find the guidelines for the question you asked. The timing of a board-member removal is rather ... Read More »

Can your eyes be transplanted to another part of the body so you can see from another perspective?

There is some debate on the issue, but the general consensus is no. The problem is that the nerves are only going to the visual cortex of the brain from the eyes. That only the optical nerves are c... Read More »

If i wanted to go to college in another country or in another state how would i do that?

Another state is fairly easy. Another country requires you obtain a student visa for that country (not too difficult, but you still have to get the visa)