How do I remove a security tag that was left on my sweater by accident?

Answer Well, Of all the advice I heard on hear, none really sounded right. I've had to remove them twice. Once for my sister in law, and once for my wife. These things are real buggers to remove. If you r... Read More »

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Who is at fault in 3 car accident if going at a VERY low rate of speed and person that started chain of accident left the scene?

Answerall of them for not paying attention for what they were doing.In the UK - you should remember that you must travel a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. So if the first car had ... Read More »

Turning left onto a no left turn road by accident?

Hi,I am an ex driving instructor and can help you. Believe it or not I have known several people make this mistake but if they are recorded, it isn't that much of a fine/points etc. If you have b... Read More »

I left the scene of an accident?

There are a couple of things to note here as to why you received a court summons for this incident. The first is, you did not follow the proper protocol in this situation. Whenever you are involv... Read More »

Prohibited left turn by accident?

PatNot sure why you think this is 'only a council matter'.It is in fact an Offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Please see sec 36 -…It is an endorsab... Read More »