How do I remove a program that won't uninstall?

Answer this is simple go into your hard drive ( drive C)then go into program filesthen find the folder which should say something like "sims"double click on that then look through it untill you find somet... Read More »

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How do I uninstall& remove a program?

MacClick and drag the program that you want to delete into the "Trash." This removes the program completely.WindowsOpen the "Control Panel" in your Windows "Start" menu. Select "Uninstall a Program... Read More »

How to Remove a Program That Won't Uninstall?

Sometimes computer programs come with so many files that uninstalling them can prove to be a difficult process. When removing the program it might leave behind files that cause a computer to act st... Read More »

How to Remove a Program From the Uninstall List?

Windows provides an easy way to uninstall or reinstall programs through its Add/Remove Programs tool in the Control Panel. Sometimes programs you have already uninstalled from your computer remain ... Read More »

How to Uninstall a Program That Isn't Listed in My Program Files?

The Windows Program Files folder houses a host of important applications on your computer, but not all programs are listed there. If you need to uninstall a program but can't find it in the Program... Read More »