How do I remove a floater from my eye?

Answer Usually, a floater becomes unnoticeable after a few months, but since you have taken the trouble to research this and post your question here, I have to assume yours is still bothering you after 5 ... Read More »

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How to Be a Floater?

Floaters are an ideal social standing. They know it's not about being popular but about interacting with others no matter their social status, education, neighborhood, what they look like or what t... Read More »

What Are Floater Rims?

Have you ever seen a car that seems to float over the ground? In reality, the car is not floating. The car tires are still firmly planted on the ground. What makes it appear otherwise is a visual i... Read More »

I used to have one eye floater, now I have two - is it a bad sign?

Oh my gosh. Floaters are NOT cataracts. They are tiny pieces of the back of your eye that have fallen off or clumps of the liquid in your eye. They then float around in the liquid of your eye. ... Read More »

How do I flush a floater and get rid of it!!!?

You need your brother/sister/wife's* toothbrush, use a sawing motion to cut 'King Kong's finger' into smaller chocy nuggets. you should then be able to wave bye bye to that stubborn log.*Delete as ... Read More »