How do I remove a cedar tree?

Answer Put on a hard hat and safety glasses. Check the area to make sure that it is safe to allow smaller branches to fall, and cut all small upper branches that you can reach with a pole saw.Set a 10-foo... Read More »

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How do i remove a dying cedar tree?

Fell a Tree - Cut OneUse an axe or chainsaw to cut one-third of the way through the cedar tree at waist level. Make the first cut on the side of the cedar tree in the direction you want the tree to... Read More »

How Far Do I Plant My Apple Tree From Cedar Trees to Keep Cedar Blotch From Happening?

Homeowners growing apple trees and cedar trees on their property may want to reconsider one of the two types of trees. Apples and cedars must be spaced far apart to prevent cedar blotch cross conta... Read More »

How far do I plant my apple tree from cedar trees to keep cedar blotch from happening?

If no chemical control will be used, apple trees should be planted 4 to 5 miles away from all cedar trees to ensure cedar apple rust and necrotic leaf blotch don't occur. Even with the aid of chemi... Read More »

What is a cedar tree?

Cedar can refer to many types of plants, all going by the common or scientific name of cedar. First there is the genus Cedrus, which is part of the cypress family. This generic grouping is often ca... Read More »