How do I remove a bubble in drywall tape?

Answer Cut across the top of the drywall tape bubble, and down both sides of the drywall tape bubble with a utility knife. Fold the cut piece of tape down, and out of the way. Do not pull the tape off of ... Read More »

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How do i fix a bubble in drywall tape?

TapeCut a slit in the paper tape with a razor blade or a 4-inch drywall blade.Joint CompoundApply joint compound with a small trowel underneath the cut section of tape. Press the tape into the join... Read More »

How do i fix an air bubble in drywall tape?

Cutting the TapeCut the drywall tape with a razor blade in a rectangle around the bubble. Remove the cut piece of drywall tape, and apply another coating of joint compound in the area. Cover the c... Read More »

How do I remove drywall tape?

Moisten the tape joint with a wet sponge if the wall is unpainted and the joint compound (mud) is exposed. If the mud is a non-setting type, it will soften, and then you can slide a drywall blade u... Read More »

What Would Make Drywall Mud Bubble?

Large bubbles will not occur on an application of drywall mud, though tiny bubbles might. If you see large bubbles, it's more likely that the subsurface under the mud is bubbling. In other words, w... Read More »