How do I remove a USB memory stick without losing files?

Answer Make sure that all files on the flash drive are closed. Look for the USB flash drive's icon on the lower-right part of the task bar. The icon resembles a flash drive with a small green arrow above ... Read More »

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My phone's memory card has a virus . Is there any way i could remove the virus without losing my files?

What makes u think that your memory card would be infected with a virus? What is it doing?? As far as i know there is no way to remove a virus off of a memory card, unless uu format it. you can do ... Read More »

How to Add Files to a Memory Stick?

You just bought a brand-new memory stick. Here's a quick guide on how to use it.

How do I recover files from a USB memory stick?

Viewing the FilesInsert the memory stick into an available USB port. Wait to see if the drive opens automatically. Double click on the option to view the files. Open the device manually if it does ... Read More »

What if your memory stick occupies space but there are no files?

There is a few things to this... a 4gb stick isn't necessarily 4gb's as it is an approximation but it should be around it (usually in the 3990's of mb's). If you are reading it on your computer an... Read More »