How do I remove a Macbook password?

Answer Start Your ComputerInsert while the computer is off the OX S installation disc provided with your purchase. As the computer loads, hold down the letter "C" on your keyboard and wait for the OX S st... Read More »

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I have lost my password for a document on ms word (on macbook)!! HELLPP!!!?

haha you lost a password!nothing comes to mind right away, but the version of msoffice could help

How to Remove the Password from a Zip File Without Knowing the Password?

It's not possible to remove a password from a ZIP-file unless you know the password. However there are ways to discover the password.

How do you remove your phone password you forget your password?

You can't! The 9 minute snooze time is a default manufacture setting that users are not allowed to manipulate. This is so for many other handsets so don't get too upset at apple.

How to Remove an Account on a MacBook?

If you plan on selling your computer or if a user will no longer be using your MacBook, you can remove the account from the OS X system. Removing the account will make it appear as if the user has ... Read More »