How do I remove a "Desktop" Folder from my desktop?

Answer Hi,You can do one thing. Just take the backup of all your desktop file. And create another user by the following way.1) Goto Run and type "compmgmt.msc"2) On the left hand side you can see Local Us... Read More »

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How to Remove a Desktop Folder With Access Denied?

Every now and again, you come across a file with an access denied error. This is usually because the file has been locked, either by the operating system because it thinks the file is part of Windo... Read More »

How to delete con folder from desktop?

restart the computer and try again. there must be some hidden process that is running with the folder thus you cannot delete \ rename it.else if you are computer expert like me identify the process... Read More »

How to Move a Desktop Folder From Another Drive?

Windows computers contain a very user-friendly method for transferring files and folders between drives, whether it be copying or moving. With a simple right-click operation or keyboard keystroke, ... Read More »

Is it good to buy all in one desktop pc or ordinary desktop I heard that all in one desktop has issues?

Get a normal desktop. All-In-Ones tend to be like giant laptops - you can't upgrade them. In fact, you void the warranty on some of them if you open them up.... even if you're just cleaning dust.... Read More »