How do I remove Zlob trojan Help!?

Answer remove it manually, here's a tutorial for deleting zlob:…i also recommend installing some anti-spyware program, so you can avoid zlob and things like that... Read More »

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Can you help me remove trojan.zlob-x.a?…then click the green (DOWNLOAD REMOVEL TOOL)then follow the onscreen instructions

How can I remove Trojan.Zlob.GHELP!?

Remove it with superantispyware:SuperantiSpyware: is a Trojan horse that may download and execute remote files and redirect the Internet Explorer home ... Read More »

How do I remove Trojan Downloader Win32 Zlob.ans?

End ProcessesPress "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete." Then, click on the "Processes" tab and end the following processes (to end a process, right-click on it and select "End Process"):msmsgs.exenvctrl.exem... Read More »


easy simple stepsdownload 3 FREE programs from free antivirusspybot search & destroyadaware 2007once you have installed and run all the updates, restart your computer. hit F8 a... Read More »