How do I remove Norton programs?

Answer Removal Sequence in Windows XP: Option 1Open "Start" > "All Programs". Click on the Norton folder to open its contents. Click "Uninstall". The program will begin the uninstall process. Allow the pr... Read More »

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I have deleted norton security on add or remove programs how do i get it back?

How do I delete Norton programs?

Add/RemoveProgramsClick on the "Start" icon and select "Control Panel". Click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in Windows XP, or on the "Programs and Features" icon in Windows Vista and 7. A list ... Read More »

Can you have Norton Internet Security and Spybot on programs at the same time?

Yes. Originally, there was a problem where both Norton and Spybot detected each other as incompatible. This was due to the Spybot's TeaTimer and Norton's Ghost features being incompatible with each... Read More »

How do I remove a program called Contra Virus 2.0 It does not allow me to remove it from add/remove programs.?

Symantec has numerous removal tools for virus's for free. Just type the name in and it will give you the removal tool. (Under Downloads)