How do I remove Limewire spyware?

Answer Spyware SoftwareConnect to the Internet and download an anti-spyware program like Ad-Aware (see References for a link). Once the program is downloaded, double-click the install file and follow its ... Read More »

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How do you remove all traces of a spyware program such as Limewire from your computer?

Lime wire got me too, I was too lazy and cheap to buy a certain program, and I downloaded one form limewie.. Same experience, LUckily I write for a living and have the habit of backing up often and... Read More »

Is LimeWire spyware?

No. LimeWire is a free peer-to-peer file-sharing online client that allow users to share and download content from other users. The application is open source, allowing users to be involved in its ... Read More »

Does Limewire Pro have spyware?

LimeWire Pro is a file-sharing program you can purchase and use to download files from other users. Although LimeWire Pro comes with AVG Anti-Virus, you can still accidentally download spyware if t... Read More »

Does limewire give you viruses, adware, or spyware?

*i've gotten viruses from Limewire before. it really messed my laptop up!!!*