How do I remove Bing?

Answer Go to tools then click addons. Click uninstall, remove, whichever it says, for the bing tool bar. Hope this helps.

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How to Remove History From Bing?

By default, Microsoft's Bing search engine tracks every query you enter. This behavior starts the first time you run a Bing search and the data is not automatically cleared until one of two things ... Read More »

How do I remove bing as my default search engine on firefox?

If you want to restore the Google Search (Google search results page), it's very EASY, just follow my directions, and make sure that you DON'T include any quotation marks that you see below, as I a... Read More »

Is bing fat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

"See I don't know if you know this ,but there are two kinds of fat people. There are the people that were born fat ,and the people that were once thin, so when you look at them you can sorta see th... Read More »

How to Add a URL to Bing?, Microsoft's search engine, offers website owners and developers a way to add URLs so their sites show up when people use Bing to search the Internet. Bing has a program called BingBot tha... Read More »