How do I reinstall and repair OpenOffice?

Answer If your computer suddenly loses power while you are working on a document in OpenOffice, or a virus causes damage to the files on your computer, you may find that your computer can no longer launch... Read More »

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How to Repair Macro Errors in OpenOffice?

OpenOffice is a freeware office suite that is in many ways comparable to expensive software packages like Microsoft Office or Corel WordPerfect. The word-processing application in OpenOffice is cal... Read More »

How to Reinstall, Repair or Upgrade Windows XP?

Reinstalling or repairing your Windows XP computer will enable you to correct faults with the operating system files on your PC, whereas upgrading the system to Windows XP will allow an older compu... Read More »

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer in Vista?

Internet Explorer (IE) in Windows Vista can run into errors that diminish browser speed and performance. Some of these errors and problems include slow page displays, erratic add-ons, and constant ... Read More »

How to Open Openoffice 3.0 Files on a Computer Without Openoffice 3.0?

Oops. You forgot to save your OpenOffice writer file into Microsoft Office format, something all to easy to forget to do. With this guide, you can straighten out your troubles without fear.