How do I reformat my Dell computer?

Answer You may want to format your computer for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are that your hard drive is infected and/or not working properly, you wish to change your operating sys... Read More »

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Do you need an XP disc to reformat a Dell computer?

No, you don't need an XP disc to reformat a drive. You can reformat a hard drive using the Format tool in Windows XP to create an MS-DOS startup disc. Then, if you restart the computer with that di... Read More »

How to Reformat a Dell Computer With Windows XP?

Reformatting your Dell computer with Windows XP allows you to create a new hard drive partition and essentially "start over" on your computer and hard disk. While it will take several minutes to ru... Read More »

I tried to reformat my computer and I get to a certain point it says reformat from windows,?

Yes you can use the windows vista disc. Go to BIOS and make your CD/DVD drive the first boot. Insert the disc , restart your computer then boot from the disc. In the process you will be prompted to... Read More »

How to Reformat My Dell Inspiron 6000?

The Dell Inspiron 6000 is a notebook released by Dell in 2005 that runs on Windows XP. If you are experiencing problems with your Inspiron 6000 due to age or just purchased a used one, it is easy t... Read More »