How do I refinance a house?

Answer People refinance their homes for a variety of reasons: to consolidate bills, to reduce monthly mortgage payments or to pay for medical or other unexpected expenses. The reason you wish to refinance... Read More »

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When can you refinance your house?

According to an article in SuperPages.Com, the best time to refinance your home may occur when the going interest rate has fallen to one point below your current interest rate, you currently have a... Read More »

How Much Should I Pay to Refinance My House?

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Can My Ex-Husband Refinance Our House?

When you get divorced, a judge may award your home to either you or to your ex-husband as part of the divorce settlement. If the judge awarded your home to your ex-spouse then your ex-husband can l... Read More »

Can I refinance with liens on my house?

A credit report and a title search will be conducted to see if the borrower or home has any liens against it. A mortgage cannot be refinanced until all liens against the home are paid in full. Docu... Read More »