How do I reduce tongue swelling?

Answer You are so wrong in all your information that you must be trolling.Penis pumps don't just connect to tongues.

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What causes face and tongue swelling?

Well, I am no expert, but I do belive that if your face or toung swells, it is most likely caused from some allergy to maybe a medication, food, or even a perfume or cologne. If you can, try to rem... Read More »

How can you reduce tonsil swelling?

to reduce tonsil swelling you should get your tonsils removed, of eat lots of nonsolid foods like yogurt, pudding, jello, soup, or reduce tonsil swelling you should get your tonsils rem... Read More »

How to Reduce Air Flight Swelling?

Foot and leg swelling is a common and harmless occurrence during long flights. When you are in a seated position in a plane with your feet on the ground for a long period of time, your movement bec... Read More »

How can I reduce swelling quickly?

Elevate your foot, arm, etc; then message it lightly for 5 minutes, then if you can get access to a shower or tub, wash it under COLD WATER ONLY! Dry it off then apply a cold icepack or ice cubes i... Read More »