How do I recover a sim card after formatting?

Answer Press a wrong button and you can accidentally delete all your contacts and saved information from your cell phone. Phones on the GSM network store this information on an internal smart card, also k... Read More »

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Can i recover files after formatting my partition?

Recovering files that are formated over depends upon several factors, so there is not a yes or no answer for a particular file. There are a number of specialty commercial software that will allow f... Read More »

Does formatting a external hard drive, erase absolutley everything so you will never be able to recover?

To everyone who said NO, you are correct. Invoking the format command in Windows merely initialises the file pointers leaving the drive in a state where it appears void of all data. Fact is, that a... Read More »

Will the pictures I recover from my corrupted CF card still appear when I recover them for the second time?

It depends on the usage of the card. If it is used a lot and also formatted 2 or more times after the first recovery then it is not possible to get that photos back

What does formatting your memory card do?

Essentially, formatting a memory card will erase the images and make sure that the card will work correctly with the camera. "Formatting a card basically insures that it is going to work right wit... Read More »