How do I record shows from Time Warner Cable?

Answer Controlling the boxPress the "Cable" button on the remote control, which will allow you to control functions on the cable box. To record the show you will use the Digital Video Recorder, which is i... Read More »

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How do I record to a DVD from a Time Warner cable box?

Equipment/ConnectionsDetermine the video outputs available on your cable box--if you are using a standard coaxial cable connection, the composite video output (three-pronged with red, white and yel... Read More »

How do I get rid of Time Warner cable?

Call Time WarnerCall Time Warner at 866-855-5473 and follow the prompts. The operator asks you to push "1" if you have a Time Warner account. After pushing "1," you are asked to enter the telephone... Read More »

How to Set a Time Warner Cable Box to HD?

Time Warner Cable is a company that offers television programming to customers across the country. When you sign up with Time Warner, you get a cable box professionally installed in your home. This... Read More »

What's up with Time Warner Cable?

honestly I didn't read anything you wrote. I just seen cable and I am in the market for new cable...I am quite picky about my provider, they need to provide service, and they also need to employ a... Read More »