How do I read resistors?

Answer Observe the colored bands on the resistor. Resistors are color-coded with four bands to indicate their resistance in ohms. The first two bands indicate numbers, the third is a multiplier (power of ... Read More »

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How to Read Resistors?

Resistors are devices used in electronic circuits to provide a known resistance to the flow of electrical signals. They are used to scale and shape the signal that is passing through them to help a... Read More »

Resistors help?

No -- the value of the resistor is very important for correct operation of the electronics.Try for SMD resistors or go to Fry's if you have one nearby.

How do I decode resistors?

Read ColorsTurn the resistor so that its silver or gold band is on the right. You will see three color bands preceding the silver or gold one. Each color represents the following numbers: Black = 0... Read More »

How do i check resistors?

Disconnect ResistorDisconnect the resistor from the circuit board by de-soldering one end or removing it completely. This will give you a more accurate reading and prevent the voltage of the testin... Read More »