How do I reactivate a boost phone?

Answer Contact Boost Mobile from the cell phone by dialing 611 or online at The process varies slightly depending on whether the previous account was prepaid or billed. If the account wa... Read More »

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How do I reactivate a found cell phone?

Determine the service providerWhen finding a lost cell phone, you'll need to determine what service provider the phone has. If it's a Verizon phone, you'll need to reactivate it with Verizon and so... Read More »

How to Check If a Cell Phone ESN Is Clear to Reactivate?

When you purchase a used phone, it's important to know if you can activate the phone or if it has a bad ESN. Otherwise you run the risk of buying a phone you can't use. ESN is short for electronic ... Read More »

How to Change a Sprint Phone to a Pre-Paid Boost Phone?

Boost Mobile is a company that offers contract free, pay-as-you-go solutions to wireless customers. Their prepaid service features a wide variety of phone choices. Boost Mobile's iDEN phones featur... Read More »

How do you reactivate your old iPhone 3gs if you upgrade from the iPhone 3gs to the iPhone 4 and then lose or get it stolen how would you reactivate your old iPhone so you can use it again?

Yes, the IPhone 4 is now available. It became available in February.