How do I put games onto my W810i phone?

Answer Install the PC suite that came with your W810i phone onto your computer. If you don´t have the PC suite, you can download it at the manufacturer's website at Select any .jar game... Read More »

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How can you transfer mobile contacts from phone to computer in sonyericcson w810i?

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Mpeg4 video sent from sony ericson w810i wont play on my computer....why ?

You computer doesn't have the right codec.Use VLC. It plays everything, and it's free.

Only want to receive calls from 2 people at bedtime. My current fone W810i Sony Ericsson can do this. Which smartphone will allow you to do this?

The motorola razr with its awesome looks and big screen. How ever i would wait for the new iphone (after 4S) to come out before i make a move

How do I download games to a phone?

Application DeckOpen the menu of your phone. The location of the menu can be different for each model. Instead of "Menu," your phone may say "Options." Scroll through until you find "Games." Under ... Read More »