How do I put a song from a cd onto the computer?

Answer The easiest way would be to simply use Windows Media Player or WMP and perform a RIP. You'll see the RIP tab on top of the player once you open the program. You select which tracks from the CD you... Read More »

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What song is played on the new comedy central advert for two and a half men its the one where Alan Harper is on his computer and the song sounds french?

The song is called "put a donk on it" by the rascal boys!

I have a song burned onto my computer and...?

if you do not have winamp I suggest getting it. A great media player. use… To remove voice.both programs are free and you do not have to even mess with WMP.

How to Send a Song From Your Computer?

Sharing music with friends is a way to expose them to new songs and artists they may like. One way you can share music is by sending your friend a song from your computer to his. With a computer, y... Read More »

How can you save a song as MP3 from you tube to my computer?

Use Zamzar Step 1. Find the YouTube clip you want and copy the link. Step 2. In Zamzar go to download videos and paste the link. Step 3. Change the format so that the FLY is MP3. Step 4. Enter ... Read More »