How do I put a movie onto an iPod Touch?

Answer iTunesDownload iTunes onto your computer if you haven't already. This free program is the easiest to use with iPods. Make sure all of the video media on your computer is transferred into your iTune... Read More »

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How do I view a movie on an iPod Touch?

Playing VideosClick the home button on your iPod Touch or click the power button and then unlock the iPod. After arriving on the main screen, navigate through the icons until you find the icon tit... Read More »

How much space does a movie take up on an ipod touch?

Apple uses a high-compression format called MP4 for the movies it sells on iTunes. If you download a movie from the iTunes store for use on the iPod Touch, it will only take up between 750MB and 1.... Read More »

How Much Memory Does a Movie Take Up on an iPod Touch?

Movies can range in file size from 1 gigabyte to 3 gigabytes depending on the length of the movie. An iPod Touch can hold between 8 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes, up to 80 hours of video.Source:What ... Read More »

Can a iPod touch buy movie star planet?

No,but the msp owners said they are working hard on a cool msp app for the iPod touch!If you click on safari and search msp,you will see it says that you must play on your computer til they finish