How do I put a garden hose spigot on a five gallon pail?

Answer Drill a HoleDrill a 3/4-inch hole in a side centered about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom. Use a hole saw bit if possible. Drill carefully so you don't tear the edges of the hole, particularly with a... Read More »

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How do I make a self-contained garden in a 5-gallon pail?

Make it Self WateringCut a mesh screen to the same radius as your bucket, and cut four, 1-inch holes into the screen. Cut a PVC pipe into three, 3-inch sections. Cut another PVC pipe to be 6 inches... Read More »

How to Make a Five Gallon Pail Water Trap?

Five-gallon buckets can be converted into a water-filled trap. This trap can be used to catch mice and other small rodents. A small platform leads up to the side of the bucket. A treat is available... Read More »

How many bushels of corn does a 5 gallon pail hold?

A bushel is a unit of dry measurement used in the United States that equates to approximately 35.2 liters. Every gallon can hold about 3.8 liters. Therefore, a 5 gallon pail will hold around 0.54 b... Read More »

My neighbour whos garden is higher than mine,leaves his garden hose on, and it floods my garden, help me pleas?

have you discussed this with him. he may not know and surely wouldnt like it if it happned to him..