How do I prune zucchini?

Answer Wait until your zucchini starts to bear fruit before pruning. Your plant should have between four and six fruits on it. Use a sharp knife or garden shears to clip away the biggest leaves. This will... Read More »

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Uses for Oversized Zucchini?

Zucchinis grow at rapid rates, and if you miss one during your harvest you may return a few days later to find it has ballooned into a ginormous zucchini of epic proportions. Over-sized zucchinis, ... Read More »

How to Mummify a Zucchini?

Mummifying a zucchini requires preserving the vegetable through desiccating it --- a process that removes water to prevent moisture from leading to decay. Desiccants include substances that absorb ... Read More »

Where was zucchini originated?

According to Master Gardener, Laurel Reader, summer squash originated in Central America. When Europeans settled in the area, they began cultivating different varieties of summer squash, and it is ... Read More »

Zucchini in Hot Temperatures?

Summer squashes include zucchini, crookneck and patty pan squash, all members of he cucurbit family along with cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds, winter squash and melons. Most cucurbits are vining plant... Read More »