How do I prune aspen trees?

Answer Prune around the bottom of the aspen tree first. Search for any small dead branches or any branches that are crossing over each other. Aspen tree brances should run straight and true from the trunk... Read More »

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What is the best season to prune Aspen trees?

The Aspen is a fast-growing, short-lived deciduous tree. Prune Aspen trees to keep them looking good and to remove dead or broken branches.The best time to prune the Aspen is during February, March... Read More »

Difference Between Birch Trees & Aspen Trees?

Birch trees and aspen trees both feature white bark and medium green leaves, but, upon a closer look, these trees are very different. One of the main differences between the two types of trees are ... Read More »

How do I care for aspen trees?

Location and SoilPlant aspen on the north or east side of other structures, in acidic soil. If the soil is mostly clay, surround the tree with a 1-foot wall of sand and peat moss. This will keep wa... Read More »

What color are aspen trees?

Two aspen species grow in North America. Quaking aspen bark is white or cream with occasional black marks. The tree's leaves are shield-shaped with small serrations. Bigtooth aspen bark is whitish-... Read More »