How do I prune a fruitless pear tree?

Answer Prune a fruitless pear tree in late winter while the tree is still dormant. Cut just above a bud or branch using hand shears, lopping shears or a hand saw.Remove dead and diseased wood first. Then ... Read More »

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How do i prune a fruitless mulberry tree?

MaintenancePrune fruitless mulberry trees after all the leaves have fallen off in the wintertime. This is when the tree is in its dormant stage. This process should be done annually as it will prom... Read More »

How do I prune a kieffer pear tree?

Prune Leader BranchesPrune a kieffer pear tree in winter to ensure it produces fruit in the growing season. Use sharp secateurs and cut back leader branches by 20 to 30 inches, depending on the siz... Read More »

How do I prune an Asian pear tree?

Cut back the Asian pear tree to 30 inches with sharp gardening shears. Identify the four strongest branches, and head--or cut them back--to half of their length, or about 1 to 2 feet. The second ye... Read More »

How to Trim a Fruitless Peach Tree?

Peach trees do not bear fruit when they are young, or during winter. Trimming these fruitless peach trees will ensure that the plant will have enough space to bear fruit. It will also prevent the t... Read More »