How do I prove a violation of a no contact order?

Answer Electronic EvidenceIntroduce electronic evidence at the violation hearing. Common examples of electronic evidence include text messages, voice mail messages, emails and cellular phone records showi... Read More »

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How do I report a violation on a peace order?

Peace orders protect an individual from several forms of abuse and harassment. These orders protect an individual in all areas of the United States. Peace orders are granted by civil court judges.... Read More »

What is a violation of public order called?

A violation of public order is a legal phrase which is sometimes also referred to as a breach of the peace. The term is very broad in meaning, and refers to almost any action which disturbs the pu... Read More »

Violation of a Custody Order in Virginia?

When parents separate, a Virginia judge issues a court order for custody based on the child's best interest. To protect the child, violation of a custody order is a criminal offense.

What is the difference between no contact order&restraining order?

Although people sometimes consider a no contact and restraining order as essentially the same, they are used for different types of cases. Usually, you do not even have a choice to file a no contac... Read More »