How do I protect garden vegetables from frost?

Answer Covering Plants to Prevent FrostGather a material of choice to cover your plants such as blankets, sheets, burlap sacks or another available material. Drape lighter materials directly over the plan... Read More »

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How do i protect vegetables from insects in the garden?

Spray a homemade mixture of garlic, chili peppers, olive oil, dish detergent and water onto the leaves of the plants as well as around the perimeter of the garden. This will kill ants, caterpillars... Read More »

How to Protect Bedding Plants from Frost?

There are many different gardening strategies you can practice to protect your bedding plants from frost. When your bedding plants are exposed to frost, they may not survive unless you have taken t... Read More »

How to Protect Plants From Frost in Florida?

Cold weather rarely makes its way down to Florida, however, the Palm Tree State can experience sudden shifts in weather during the winter. Florida incorporates zones 8 to 11 on the U.S. Plant Hardi... Read More »

How to Protect Tropical Plants From Frost?

Tropical plants look exotic on your lawn and patio areas, but they do not tolerate frost conditions well. Many tropical plants last for years if you overwinter them properly. Taking all your tropic... Read More »