How do I protect a sound driver from being deleted?

Answer When it comes to hard drive contents, including device drivers, there really are no fool-proof tactics for preventing deletions. A hard drive can crash and drivers can be deleted for many reasons a... Read More »

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How can i reinstall my sound driver i deleted it by mistake i dont have a installation disc?

If you dont have an installation disk or a driver disk from the company you bought then you need to know the manufacturer and model number of your sound card and goto the manufacturers website to d... Read More »

How can identify my sound card driver,i cant open my CPU.i want install driver?

This is a CPU. What do you mean you can't open your CPU ???…

I deleted the sound on my computer how do i get back on?

system restore or use the reboot disc that came with your computer.

I have inadvertently deleted my printer driver in my Windows vista system. How do I get in back?

If you can’t find the right Windows drivers manually I would recommend just getting a software program that can do it for you. There is a program I use which will find drivers for just about all ... Read More »