How do I protect a sound driver from being deleted?

Answer When it comes to hard drive contents, including device drivers, there really are no fool-proof tactics for preventing deletions. A hard drive can crash and drivers can be deleted for many reasons a... Read More »

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How can i reinstall my sound driver i deleted it by mistake i dont have a installation disc?

If you dont have an installation disk or a driver disk from the company you bought then you need to know the manufacturer and model number of your sound card and goto the manufacturers website to d... Read More »

I delete cookies from my computer. How can I prevent the sign in seal cookie(s) from being deleted?

The browser maintains cookies.Whatcha got?

How to Prevent an Article from Being Deleted from Wikipedia?

This article will tell you how to prevent a Wikipedia article from being deleted.

Stop wikipedia definiton from being deleted?

First of all, if it's just a dictionary definition of a word, you might be better off adding it to Wiktionary ( ), the dictionary counterpart to the Wikipedia encyclo... Read More »