How do I propagate viburnum odoratissimum?

Answer Taking a CuttingTake a cutting from a parent viburnum plant in early summer. It is important that the parent plant be a healthy specimen, and that the knife used is sterile to prevent disease. Take... Read More »

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How much sun does viburnum need?

Depending on the species, viburnum tolerates full sun to light shade. The more sunlight plants receive, the more prolific the flowers and fruit. Viburnum adapts to most soil conditions, resists pes... Read More »

Fertilizer for Viburnum?

Viburnum is a fragrant flowering shrub that blooms in either spring or summer. Depending on the variety, viburnum can be used as a privacy hedge in the summer or it can be planted as a tall accent ... Read More »

What is attacking my viburnum?

Viburnums are attractive and versatile shrubs with noteworthy foliage, form, flowers and fruit. Appealing to birds and wildlife, they can also fall victim to insect pests and a range of diseases.In... Read More »

How do I grow viburnum?

PlantingPlant viburnum in a location that gets full sun or partial shade with a slightly acid, fertile, moist soil that drains well. Add a mixture of sand and aged compost, or manure, to heavy clay... Read More »