How do I progress from Notepad and BATCH files?

Answer I started with batch scripting to! I learned c++, which is a very good choice, but if you want a game with graphics, you should learn java. It is also helpful to know some xml as it is used as a su... Read More »

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How to Run Batch Files From Task Scheduler on Windows Vista?

Batch files are small scripts that can perform a series of commands or actions in Windows. If you need to execute a specific batch file at a specified time, you can do so using the Windows Task Sch... Read More »

How to Run Batch Files?

Running windows batch files is extremely easy. You just need a batch file and a computer running a windows operating system.

How to Write Batch Files?

Batch files allow MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows users to create a lists of commands to run in sequence once the batch file has been executed. For example, a batch file could be used to run frequentl... Read More »

Creating batch files.?

Absolutely.There's a tool called WMI built into every windows since windows XP which stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. It has a command-line tool called WMIC. This can give you all s... Read More »