How do I print word art with iron-on transfers?

Answer Prepare the Word ArtCreate your word art image the same way you normally do using your productivity software. Set the view mode to include rulers at your borders to help you size the image appropri... Read More »

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How do I transfer iron-on transfers?

Turn the iron on, and set it at its highest temperature. Wait for the iron to heat.Place the iron-on transfer paper on the garment or item. If you are ironing a T-shirt, place a piece of cardboard ... Read More »

How do I use iron-on transfers on neoprene?

Using Transfers on NeoprenePrint the design on iron-on transfer paper. Set an iron on the highest setting. Do not use a steam iron. Cut out the design while waiting for the iron to heat up. Place t... Read More »

How do i use iron-on inkjet transfers?

PrintingPrint the image on your iron-on transfer paper with the paper facing the right direction. For most inkjet models this means feeding the paper in fuzzy side front, but double-check with your... Read More »

How do i preserve ink jet iron on transfers?

Prior to Transfer ApplicationWash the garment you are applying the iron-on transfer to, otherwise you risk shrinkage after it is washed, which will crack the transfer. Follow the instructions fully... Read More »