How do I print onto A5 paper?

Answer Not many people print on this size paper. I know you have probably checked already, try the paper both sides inserted to the left.Your using the manual feed sure it will support A5, all printers ca... Read More »

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How to Print White Onto Black Paper?

You'd think it'd be fairly simple to print white text on black paper. But unfortunately, the problem is that the color printing inks--cyan, yellow, magenta and black--are actually transparent. If y... Read More »

How Do I Print a Photo Onto a Glossy Paper?

A printer connected to a computer is used to create hard copies of all kinds of digital computer files. While standard paper can be used for any sort of printing, when printing photos, you may wish... Read More »

Trying to get 4x6 Photo paper to print but my printer keeps saying there is no paper loaded?

Double check to make sure that you selected the correct paper size, type & paper tray in the application & job you're using. Sounds like it's looking for different paper in a different tray to prin... Read More »

My printer status says "out of paper" and will not print, but there's a fat stack of paper in the tray! Help?

Start > Run and type net stop spoolerDelete everything in C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\Restart computer orStart > Run and type net start spoolerAll that assuming you're running a Windows XP. ... Read More »