How do I print on both sides of the paper?

Answer the easiest, no fail way using a canon printer is when you go to print, specify printing only odd pagest first (1, 3,5,7,9,11...) then when your stack is done. Pick it up, flip it over (not the ind... Read More »

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How to print on both sides of a sheet of paper on Microsoft Powerpoint Like double sides sheets?

hey i also need to print something on both sides toobut i don't know how :[i need help!

How can I print on both sides of paper?

Most home printers will not print on both sides. You need to print one side of the page and then reinsert the same sheet into the tray to print the second side. In order to get everything the right... Read More »

How do you print of both sides of the paper?

Print somethiing on one side. If the paper isn't dog eared or wrinled, put back in printer, unusded side down. print.. It sould come out with something on both sides.

How to Set Up a Printer to Print on Both Sides of the Paper?

Some printers come with the ability to print on two sides of the paper, enabling you to save paper when printing long documents such as scripts, syllabuses and business reports. Although some print... Read More »