How do I print in Microsoft Word 2000?

Answer Print Icon On The Standard ToolbarOpen up a Word document you wish to print. Click on the printer icon on the standard toolbar. The standard toolbar is the second toolbar from the top of the Word 2... Read More »

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I have a document that is Microsoft Word how do I print it on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Word?

If you have access to another computer that has Word on it you can open in on that computer, go to file -> save as -> type in the name of the document -> choose a different file type (RTF is a good... Read More »

Is Microsoft Access 2003 compatible with Microsoft Word 2000?

Yes. The file formats for Microsoft Office products did not change between versions 2000 and 2003. Microsoft Access 2003 files, using the .mdb extension, will work on the same level of compatibilit... Read More »

How come when I try to print a picture of Microsoft word 10 it won't print it all?

It's outside the normal margins so the printer chops off a bit. It's basically too big for the page even though it appears to fit on screen!Unless you make the picture a bit smaller all round and t... Read More »

How to Print a Booklet in Word 2000?

Printing booklets, or two-sided folded pages, allows you to neatly and effectively assemble information in a hard-copy format. Newer versions of Microsoft Word offer many options that allow you to ... Read More »