How do I print a spreadsheet?

Answer Print As IsOpen or create a spreadsheet in Excel. Click on the "Office" button, in the top-left corner of the application window. Click on the arrow next to "Print," then on "Print Preview." Click ... Read More »

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How to Print Part of an Excel Spreadsheet?

When you hit print Excel automatically prints the whole worksheet. This can be annoying if you only want to print part of the sheet - or if you want to print the data on a specific number of pages.... Read More »

How do I print labels from an Excel spreadsheet?

Format Spreadsheet to Match Label SheetMeasure your pre-cut labels: top, bottom and side margins and label height and width. Choose "Page Setup" under "File" and then select "Margins" to enter the ... Read More »

Can you print the cell formulas for an excel spreadsheet?

Yes, you can print formulas in Microsoft Excel by displaying the formulas in the cells. In Excel 2003, go to the Tools menu and click Formula Auditing Mode. In Excel 2007, go to Formulas, click on ... Read More »

I Have a Document on Microsoft Spreadsheet & It Won't Print, Saying "Not Enough Memory"?

If you are attempting to print a document and your system does not have enough memory, you need to make more memory available to the working application in order to be able to print. There are a fe... Read More »