How do I print a scanned image into an email?

Answer open emailopen attachmentright clickprint previewprintorsave attachmentopen it print

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Scanned Image onto word so i can print out in A3?

Import the image or use the INSERT command. Click on the folder that contains the image, import it, and when you click on the image, you can resize it using the corner handles.

I want to email a scanned article from the newspaper. Is there a way to make the print larger before emailing?

What you do is scan it at 600 dpi. This way, the text will be crisp and no need to make it larger.If you do insist on making it larger, open GIMP (free download), and resample it at 200%. That will... Read More »

Is there anyway to tell if a file is a scanned image?

File extension. If it has a graphic type file extension it was scanned. If it has a PDF file extension it is a PDF.~If it was scanned, OCR & converted to a PDF there is no way to tell.

How can I reduce the DPI of an image I've already scanned?

Most photo editing programs, like Photoshop, will let you change the DPI and image size.