How do I print a picture in color?

Answer Make sure you have it set to print in color. I know my printer gives me the option to print in black and white or color. If this doesn't work, then maybe your colored ink is dried up. You may have ... Read More »

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Why does the black picture print out a reddish color?

Printers will tend to print pictures in a processed black mode, which means it uses the colors (Magenta, Cyan & Yellow) to create the black color instead of using just the black ink. Often one of t... Read More »

How come when I try to print a picture of Microsoft word 10 it won't print it all?

It's outside the normal margins so the printer chops off a bit. It's basically too big for the page even though it appears to fit on screen!Unless you make the picture a bit smaller all round and t... Read More »

Why does B&W print cost more than color print?

Because black is the base color for every colors.When colored print is used, only part of the black is used, but when using black and white,of course, it is using completely black ink.

How do I get my color print cartilage to print other colors besides red?

sounds like a bad cartage(defective) to me take it back and get a new one