How do I print a office word file now that I lost office?

Answer you can use a free office product that is far better then MS office and best of all FREE

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How do I convert Office 2007 file to Office 2002?

Update SoftwareDownload and apply any high-priority software and security updates from Windows. Find the appropriate updates for your computer using Windows Update (see Resources).Install Compatibi... Read More »

How do I delete a file in Microsoft Office Word 2007?

Locate the File FolderWhile in Word, click the Office Button, then select "Open." In the left pane of the "Open" window, review the list of folders to locate the folder containing the file to be de... Read More »

Where is the Microsoft Office Word file located in a computer?

On Windows operating systems, the Microsoft Office Word application file is typically located inside the “Program” folder, and “Microsoft Office” subfolder on your computer’s hard drive. ... Read More »

How do you convince your mom that your not cutting yourself Someone at school says I am and she told the office but shes lying and my mom believes the office?

Answer Unfortunately, for whatever reason, your mother has chosen to believe the office instead of you. Even if you've had a history of cutting, the focus should be that you're not cutting yo... Read More »