How do I print a full a4 image on paint with no borders?

Answer Open the image in paintFile> page setupUnder scaling Put fit to: 1 by 1Then still in page setup reduce the margins to zero

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On a mac, is there a print function that lets you print a single image on multiple pages for tile printing?

Print a poster in you printers preference menu. Usually under the page layout tab.As you did not state what printer you have I can't be more specif.Usually you select page layout or page set up as ... Read More »

How to print ads without the white borders?

There aren't many home printers that offer borderless printing. The printer is literally grabbing the paper and needs that space. Even at a professional level, this is often achieved by printing on... Read More »

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How to Paint & Hang Wallpaper Borders?

Add flair to a room by painting old wallpaper borders and hanging fresh borders. Wallpaper borders are a quick way to change the look and theme of a room. Apply stain-killing paint to cover up the ... Read More »