How do I prevent my PC switching on when the phone rings ?

Answer You need to chage the setting in the BIOS.When you are starting the computer press the 'Delete' key repeatedly until a blue screen appears containing various menus.You need to open one of the menus... Read More »

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How do I keep phone numbers when switching carriers?

Porting Your Telephone NumberContact your new telephone company to initiate the process of transferring, or "porting," your telephone number. You will be asked to provide your current 10-digit tele... Read More »

Verizon Dsl Disconnects When The Phone Rings?

1) Could be a bad filter. Swap it out with a spare filter2) Its not just phones that need filters. Anything that would be connected to the phone line: Sat Tv boxes, caller id units, home alarms, ... Read More »

Does the phone always make you jump when it rings?

Does it irritate you when the phone rings in the middle of the night?

Mmmm don't really know as it never rings. If I give you my number and see if I get annoyed when you ring me lol x