How do I prevent anyone but me from seeing Facebook comments?

Answer No.......The photos are part of the picture........So the same privacy applies for both of the picture and it's comments. Moreover there is no option is facebook which gives you option to set optio... Read More »

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If a friend shares a photo with me on Facebook, how do I prevent her from seeing others comments?

Well if your friend's the one who shared it to you then no u cant..

Can you block certain friends on facebook from seeing your comments, wall posts etc?

You can add people as your friends and limit what they can see. It takes a bit of work, but it's because of this feature that I prefer Facebook to MySpace. It also gives the viewer the impression... Read More »

Can I prevent specific people from seeing Facebook videos I upload?

the same way you prevent them from seeing anything else, just use the audience selector to control who can see it

How can I stop seeing someone's profile and comments on Facebook ?

If he is your FB friend, you can roll over his status and click "dont show" like the other person posted. However, if he is NOT your friend anymore on FB, but you see his postings connected to mutu... Read More »