How do I prevent a water fire extinguisher from freezing?

Answer Types Water-based Fire ExtinguishersIdentify the type of water-based fire extinguisher. Two types are available: a water mist extinguisher, and water and foam pressure extinguishers. Water mist fir... Read More »

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Water Fire Extinguisher Uses?

A water-based fire extinguisher uses a combination of water and compressed air to put out fires. It accomplishes this by reducing the temperature of burning materials below the point of combustion.... Read More »

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher: Water Vs. Dry Chemical Vs. Carbon Dioxide?

Fire extinguishers are classified into three basic categories: water, dry and chemical (CO2). Water extinguishers use pressurized water to put out combustible fires from paper or wood. Dry types of... Read More »

How do you prevent water pipes from freezing?

electric heat tapedrain the lines during freezing weather

How do I prevent water pipes from freezing in a cold house?

Installing Pipe InsulationPurchase tubes of interior pipe insulation, available at most home-improvement stores. Measure the diameter and length of the pipes to ensure a proper fit before purchasin... Read More »