How do I prevent a water fire extinguisher from freezing?

Answer Types Water-based Fire ExtinguishersIdentify the type of water-based fire extinguisher. Two types are available: a water mist extinguisher, and water and foam pressure extinguishers. Water mist fir... Read More »

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How do you prevent water pipes from freezing?

electric heat tapedrain the lines during freezing weather

How do I prevent water pipes from freezing in a cold house?

Installing Pipe InsulationPurchase tubes of interior pipe insulation, available at most home-improvement stores. Measure the diameter and length of the pipes to ensure a proper fit before purchasin... Read More »

How to Use a RedyTemp Hot Water Recirculator to Prevent Pipes from Freezing?

Homes in cold climate area's can suffer from pipes freezing up during the cold season. These frozen pipes can burst and cause thousands of dollars damage and frustration to say the least.

How can I prevent a water pipes from freezing, with an electric outage and sub zero weather?

with whatyou have, you have to drain the lines to the lowest point and the sewer traps too anything thats exposed to cold air abovegrade. usually an outside hose bib and the shower knobs left wid... Read More »