How do I prevent a torrent that has finished downloading from seeding?

Answer refusal to seed is pure selfishness its the least u can do considering people have done it for you without seeding the download community would grind to a halt

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A quick question about seeding a torrent?

This is a good ethical question, and those of us who download appreciate it when others share.1:1 is always a good goal. If everybody did that, the time to download would be halved over and over ag... Read More »

Downloading somethink from a torrent movie site and keep getting this error,?

Yeah. It isn't rocket science. The torrent is no good.

How to Prevent PDF Files from Downloading to My Mac's Desktop?

Adobe portable document format files, or PDFs, make it possible to share designed documents with anyone without a need for the other person to have specific applications. In other words, if you des... Read More »

Is downloading torrent illegal?

Torrents are 100% legal, if they are linked to NON-Copyrighted materials. If they are linked to copyrighted content, then using the torrent to download it IS illegal.Torrents are a means to an end,... Read More »