How do I prevent a gas grill from melting vinyl siding?

Answer Position your gas grill at least 10 feet, preferably further, from your house so you don't melt the vinyl siding. While it's convenient to set the grill up right next to the house--allowing you to ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Melting Vinyl Siding With a Grill?

Vinyl siding is a material that is easily melted from the intense heat a home grill produces. Grills reach high temperatures that can result in damage to the property or even start a fire when pro... Read More »

How do i avoid melting vinyl siding with a grill?

Position the grill away from the vinyl siding. Grills create a massive amount of heat, which vinyl siding is susceptible to. Positioning the grill five feet or more away from the vinyl siding is su... Read More »

How to Protect Vinyl Siding From Melting From Gas Grill Heat?

Gas grills are very effective at cooking food and are frequently used for barbecues and other outdoor cooking events. Gas grills do generate very high temperatures so it is important to be aware of... Read More »

How to Prevent Rain From Flowing Under Vinyl Siding at the Foundation?

When properly installed, vinyl siding gives a building a waterproof exterior. Each course of siding overlaps the previous one, so rain is directed away from joints that could allow it to get behind... Read More »